The Story of Tonga Boards

Longboarding was started with the ocean in mind. Surfing and being in the water was important to so many people, that at times when surfing was impractical, they had to come up with another solution. That’s when longboarding was born.

Longboards were built to mimic free-flowing, relaxing, and wave-like motions. Now, longboarding has grown into its own industry, but unfortunately, the love of the ocean did not grow with it. In fact, the love of our planet altogether has seemingly gone away. With changing temperatures, rising ocean levels, melting ice caps, air pollution, and water pollution, it appears that our planet's health is nowhere near being a priority. Now, the longboard industry is nearly a billion dollar industry, while our ocean, on the other hand, has over 25 trillion pieces of plastic in it.

22 year old Tonga Boards founder, Cole Ramsey, thought there had to be a way for us to enjoy our longboards without adding to the climate crisis.

In 2019, Cole asked, "Why build longboards from new plastic or even trees when there is an abundance of reusable plastic already in the ocean?" This lead him onto the path that created Tonga Boards.

Tonga Boards' mission is to create the best eco friendly longboards on the market and provide skaters with an option that also aligns with their values. Together we can save the ocean one board at a time.

Save the Ocean. Ride Tonga.

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